We offer a wide range of converting technologies to fit our customer’s needs. Some examples of our custom capabilities include both single-wound-sheet and center-fold rollstock, wicketed bags, stand up pouches, and side gusseted pouches.

We offer a wide range of materials, laminations, sizes, gauges, print and slit configurations for your short run or high-volume form-fill and seal applications. Our extensive rollstock products are formulated to meet your exact needs.

Sizes and Configuration Capabilities:

  • Minimum Width = 2″
  • Maximum Width = 63″
  • Minimum Gauge = 1 mil
  • Maximum Gauge = 8 mils
  • Centerfold, J-Fold and Single Wound Sheeting
  • Inno-LokĀ® pre-zippered rollstock
  • Laser Scoring

We supply our customers with a wide variety of custom-produced bags and pre-formed pouches. Our wicketed bags are designed for use on semi-automatic or on high speed packaging systems where quality counts. We offer a variety of bag films including EVA or metallocene blends, color tint, or 3 to 7 layer coextrusions to meet your requirements. Pouches require one of our lamination options.

A variety of special features are also available:

  • Press-to-close zippers
  • Sliders (pouch only)
  • Venting
  • Hang holes
  • Easy open perforations

Our pouches are the answer when shelf differentiation or barrier properties are your requirements. Pouch configurations range from flat 2 or 3-side seal, to bottom gusset stand up pouches, to side gusseted pouches. Side gusseted pouches can be designed to stand up or lay down with 5 panel display capabilities.